This has been our guiding mantra since David Polries founded Dakota Dry Beans Inc in 1998 to provide better service to local dry bean growers in North Dakota and Minnesota. 

Over the next year, the quality of our products and our commitment to service led to growth for the company and we began marketing dry peas and expanded our services to include state-of-the art cleaning equipment to offer pea cleaning to our customers.

Before the end 1999, we expanded our services to include splitting and expanded our warehouse to meet growing customer needs.

Dakota Dry Beans continued to expand facilities over the next 8-9 years as our reputation for quality and service grew. In 2011, we added a new processing plant to deliver pea starch, flour, and protein. 

We recently updated our brand identity and name to Dakota Ingredients to better reflect who we are today. The name may be a little different but the commitment to our customers and our commitment to leading quality and local craftsmanship remains unchanged.  

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